Pretty flowers

Pretty flowers © Angela Porter |

This was a nice one to do. There seems to be a bit of a theme with my colour palettes lately though. Another theme is stylised, abstract flowers. Overall, I am pretty happy with this particular design.

Flowers, foliage, mandalas, geometric repeating patterns – all my favourite things!

Winter Solstice 2019

Winter Solstice 2019 ©Angela Porter |

I’ve been awake since way before dawn drawing this mandala to celebrate the Winter Solstice. I’m looking forward to the increased hours of daylight, though it will be a couple of weeks, or so, before there’s any noticeable difference in the length of day.

It’s been a lovely way to spend the hours as night gradually gives way to the sun. Not that I can see the Sun itself; grey skies and patches of rain obscure the golden wonder of that glowing ball of nuclear fusion.

I created the mandala using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Microsoft Surface Pen and Microsoft Surface Studio.

Snowflake or stained glass window mandala?

©Angela Porter |

Is it a snowflake, or a stained glass window? I think it depends on the colour palette used! I started off with blues and purples to give this design a wintry, snowflake feel. However, other colours crept in. Not sure how much I like the finished coloured mandala.

If you’d like to colour this design in, then a black and white template is available exclusively to members of the Angela Porter’s Coloring Book Fans facebook group. Pop along and join in – they’re a really lovely bunch of people!

Mandala 19 Dec 19

©Angela Porter |

Purple is my favourite colour and I thought it would make a lovely colour to go behind this delicate, lacy mandala.

I did enjoy drawing this one, late last night. I have been out of sorts or almost a week, and I can’t seem to settle or feel enthused about anything much. However, this mandala was a pleasure to draw. It’s a familiar process, using, mostly, familiar patterns and motifs.

The familiarity in creating this mandala was soothing to me, and soothing is just what my emotions and mind need at the moment.

The colour scheme is simple: white on purple, though it did start off a pale, creamy yellow on brown kraft paper. When I’d finished drawing, those colours just didn’t seem right to me, so I played around with them until I found a combination which, at the time, pleased me.

This is the fun of working digitally. What seems a good idea at the start may not pan out upon completion. It’s easy to alter the colours or the background texture, and so many other things.

This colourway will do … for now. I may change it again as I work out what to do with all these designs I’ve created that just lurk in the depths of my hard drive.

Festive Mandala

©Angela Porter |

I needed to create a cute, whimsical, simple mandala this morning (and on into the afternoon). This is what I came up with. Plenty of bright colours glowing against the dark background.

Stars and hearts are motifs that often appear in my work, as well as arches that can be like petals, sunshine or architectural. The holly leaves and berries mark this mandala as a winter one.

Digital art worked using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and Microsoft Surface Pen and Surface Studio.

Saturday Morning Mandala

Mandala 14 Dec 19 ©Angela Porter |

It’s another day, another new dawn, and I needed to do some art to self-soothe. When I’m like this I nearly always draw mandalas.

Carl Jung, the psychotherapist, asserted that by drawing mandalas, we get a view of what is going on in the unconscious (subconscious) mind that we are unaware of. He also recognised that drawing a mandala gives a window into the current state of mind and emotions, it also allows ordering and healing to take place.

Yesterday’s mandala and today’s are quite different, but drawn for the same Yesterday’s mandala and today’s are quite different but drawn for the same purpose. To soothe my overwhelmed emotions, and it has helped in doing that..a bit, anyway.

I’m not entirely sure how I’d interpret my own mandala, however, but I’m sure that plenty of people will read a lot more into than I will.