Mandala Colouring Page – 3 Feb 2023

This week’s template for the Facebook group Angela Porter’s Colouring Book Fans is a mandala.

I need soothing, calming art today. One day I may share why I’m so topsy-turvy emotionally and mentally. But not now.

For now, I’m being creative in a way that soothes my inner maelstrom. It’s a mini maelstrom, but still enough to provoke unease, fear, and unsettling emotions. Still, these things pass in time. And I have a lot to experience and learn connected to this unease and fear. I just don’t know the timescale and that kind of makes it worse!

But art is always my solace, though I need to find others too. There’s my illustrated journal – writing and, erm, art! It’s been a long while since I played my flute. Nearly a week since I went out for a walk. I still have an electric folk harp I’ve not learned how to play! And there’s plenty of tea to drink.

Tea! Twice, thrice and twice-twice blessed! Tea is always soothing, especially at that magic temperature where it just feels like every part of you relaxes, and a sigh of relief and pleasure is released!

So, once I’ve finished all my social media stuff, I’ll get another mug of tea and get a YouTube video done. Yes, more art. But I love drawing!

3 thoughts on “Mandala Colouring Page – 3 Feb 2023

  1. Christine Marshall 4 February 2023 / 08:55

    Since my request to join your facebook page, I am not even able to view the page on FB, is my request pending?It’s a bit silly to receive emails if I have no access to the beautiful coloring templates 😔


    • Angela Porter 4 February 2023 / 12:28

      Hello there, there are no pending requests in the Facebook group “Angela Porter’s Coloring Book Fans’. I don’t know why you can’t view the page. If you’ve not been added to the group, please send another request and I’ll make sure it’s approved.
      Emails? Are they the ones that tell you I’ve posted an update? I don’t have an emailing list as that is something WordPress does automatically.
      I hope that helps.


      • Christine Marshall 5 February 2023 / 14:02

        Thanks, I will try access your FB page and send another friend request.Emails being subscription updates via WordPress, yes.


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