Sunday afternoon ‘doodle’

Yes, I know; two doodles in one day. My only decision now is whether or not to colour them and if I do, what media to use!


Sunday morning ‘doodle’

Having fun, but I think I’ll do something a little different later on today.

Oh, I finally got round to figuring out a ‘doodle’ cuttlefish, which makes me quite happy!  The badger also makes an appearance, along with a koala, pig, panda and monkey.  A fairy cat just adds to the whimsy.  My morning mug of tea is there too!


Today’s ‘doodle’

I spent several very pleasurable hours drawing the picture below.  It’s got a lot more line work in it that I’d add for colouring templates.  It reminds me more of art I did pre-colouring book work.

Now, all I have to do is to decide whether to colour or not!


An afternoon doodle

I’ve just spent a few happy hours drawing a piece of ‘doodle art’ after having learned much yesterday from mimicking the style of piccandle.  I’v managed, I think, to make it much more ‘Angela’.  I may have done similar stuff in the past, but not quite like this.


This has a fair number of design elements that are firmly in the realms of ‘Angela’ art.

It’s now been printed on watercolour paper as well as some alcohol marker friendly paper ready for colouring – my next task.

More things from Hampton Art and coloured doodle art

I had a bit of a surprise package today.  Inside were some more stamps and dies that I designed and have now been produced by Hampton Art.  They’re perfect for card making, paper crafts, planners, journals and scrapbooks!

I’ve also coloured in the doodle art from yesterday. I used a mixture of Copic Ciao markers, Chameleon markers and some coloured pencils. I’m quite pleased with the colouring, learned some new tricks with the Chameleon markers, which means I’d do things a little differently if I coloured it again.