“Tripoli” Day 27 #FYIC2022

Link to today’s video on YouTube.

This was rather interesting to work with. The slightly askew, uneven ‘Y’ shape that splits the triangle made it so.

Evneutally I found I rather liked to draw a small triangle somewhere inside the larger one and use that to draw the lines from.

The spaces created invite patterns and embellishments.

Applying this idea of how to split the space inside the fragment to different shapes was intriguing and surprising.

Template Thursday…on a Wednesday? Nope, just a sneak peek!

It’s quite a bit sneak peek as it’s the whole template, with some colour added!

Abstract. Entangled. Zentangle Inspired Art. Putting into practice some of the fragments that have evolved during the Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge hosted by the 7F5RChallenge facebook group.

The colouring template won’t be available itself until tomorrow – to the members of the Angela Porter’s Coloring Book Fans facebook group.

“Doodah” | Day 26 #FYIC2022

DooDah is a tangle pattern I use fairly regularly in my entangled drawings. It has an elegance of simplicity.

Having said that, when I saw it in a fragment form I thought, “What on earth…”. I had very little idea of what would transpire. I felt it’s simplicity of construction would result in limitations. And to an extent, that is true. However, I do think I came up with some variations that were true to the way Doodah is constructed, others are deviations from that to a degree.

Adding shadow helped to bring life to the fragments, and sparked off further ideas. So at the last knockings of today’s video, I had a flurry of ideas to add to this page. These were more like aide memoire rather than polished fragments, or indeed borders. But they’re now noted down for possible future use.

I’m learning with these pattern, or fragment, explorations to expect the unexpected, especially when I think I have no more ideas!

Here’s today’s video:

“2M + 3F” by Sandy Kelley Jones CZT | Day 25 #FYIC2022

Another lovely zentangle pattern fragment that led to some interesting variations that have only scratched the surface of what is possible.

Today’s video can be found by clicking this link!

“Gamusinos” by Oswaldo Burbanos CZT | Day 24 of #FYIC2022

Every single fragment in this year’s Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge has been lovely, and Gamusinos by Oswaldo Burbanos CZT is no exception. I had a relaxing, enjoyable time coming up with a page of variations for this fragment.

Here’s the link to today’s YouTubeVideo showing the drawing of these fragments.

“Sharpenz” by Ilidica Boyd CZT | Day 23 of the Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge 2022 #FYIC2022

An unusual fragment is Sharpenz by Ildica Boyd CZT. Unusual, but it led to some surprising variations.

Here’s today’s video that goes with this fragment

A Gracious Plenty of Fragments | Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge 2022, day 22

Today, I chose to look at fourteen of the twenty-four extra fragments included in the 7F5RChallenge facebook group’s #FYIC2022 challenge information. The fragment for today – Dewdrop or Gem – really didn’t inspire me, as lovely as they are.

So, instead I looked at many fragments, sticking to the original shape for the variations.

Three pages later … I had a large number of variations, and a start for each of the fragments I took a look at using other shapes or further variations.

A lovely, lovely way to spend a dully, grey, chilly Saturday morning. Well, that’s what the weather is like with me here in the Valleys of South Wales, UK!

Today’s video on Youtube, is a look at these pages and the drawing of a just a few of the fragments.

Day 21 of #FYIC2022 – “Sai” by Miki Yamamoto

Click on this link to see today’s YouTube video.

A pretty floral fragment that was easy to create variations from. None of them are too far removed from the original, even if they may look that way!

Template Thursyay! and “Ivily” for day 20 of #IFYC2022

Template Thursyay!

I added some more colour to my version of this week’s coloring template (or coloring page if you prefer) for the Angela Porter’s Coloring Book Fans facebook group.

I stuck to a fairly limited palette of blues and teals, oranges and terracotas for this one.

I wasn’t aware until I added colour of the circular objects trapped beneath the triangles! It never ceases to amaze me now colour can bring out unexpected structures in a mandala or zentangle style design.

“Ivily” by Debbie New CZT – Day 20 #FYIC2022

Part of me wants to call this fragment ‘evilly’ because I was really, really vexed and frustrated by the original fragment. I just couldn’t get my head around it.

Don’t get me wrong, the fragment is lovely, but I just couldn’t work out how to draw it. It took me ages and ages of looking and working with it to even to be able to see the ivy leaves!

That’s all to do with how my mind works, nothing to do with Debbie’s beautiful fragment.

Eventually, I decided to cut my losses and just see how I could put ivy leaf motifs a la Angela into fragment shapes. That was a bit more of a fruitful journey with some unexpected results for sure.

Once my head is clear of my vexations, I may very well return to this fragment to see what I can do then.

Here’s the link to today’s video, all frustrations and vexations, trials and tribulations included!

Template Thursday on a Wednesday and Day 19 of the #FYIC2022 challenge.

Template Thursday…On a Wednesday?

Wednesday is the day I design this week’s template for the Angela Porter’s Coloring Book Fans facebook group and give a sneak peek at what tomorrow will bring!

This week I really felt the need to draw a mandala, so I did! It’s a very abstract kind of design, and I’ve chosen to use terracotta as a background for my version. So, to go with terracotta and other warm, earthy tones, I had to pop in blues and teals. I wonder how others will add colour to this one.

Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge 2022, Day 19

Today’s fragment is called ‘An Ode to Triangles’. I didn’t quite have many ideas what I could do with this one.

I quickly realised I preferred to leave the little triangles in the corners out. Between following ideas I got as I was drawing and mis-strokes of the pen, I eventually got a variation I liked. A bit too much as I became focused on just that variation.

But just as I was about to stop the recording, another idea came to me and I went with that on the smaller piece of paper.

If you’d like to see today’s coddiwompling exploration of this fragment, click on this link to view the video.