dragonfly1_small_18Aug12©Angela Porter

Well, I’ve just finished this dragonfly.  Drawing pen and watercolours.  8″ x 5″, approx. (20.5cm x 13cm approx.)

Not happy with background, gave up on it really, but then I was more focused on the dragonfly, other things can happen with backgrounds later on I’m sure …

Abstract Rock 2

Abstract Rock 2 © Angela Porter 2012

13cm x 13cm.  Rotring pen, Inktense pencils with water wash, gold metallic watercolour paint.

A small section of the previous Abstract Rock 1 reworked.

My Confused Heart

MyConfusedHeart14Feb12©Angela Porter 2012

8″ x 4″ or 20cm x 10cm

Black technical drawing pen, watercolours and various metallic paints/pens.

The next in the “My Heart” series, which is accompanying me on the inner work I’m doing at the moment through meditation and also hypnosis (which is adjunct to me training as a hypnotherapist). I think they’re my current version of mandalas – though not worked ‘in the round’.

Confused certainly describes this one. I feel I’ve gone over the top with the sparkles and shimmers and ornamentation. There are places that are calmer, and they seem to be breaking through the more confused, busy places.

Of course, you may see other things in it.

My scarred heart…

My Scarred Heart 5Feb12©Angela Porter 2012

8″ x 5″.  Inktense pencils with a water wash, fine black drawing pen and metallic watercolour pencils on watercolour paper.

Over the past couple of weeks or so, my emotions have been in a fair amount of turmoil, and this drawing has flowed out from my core.  I finally settled down enough to complete it today.  The turmoil has prevented me from settling to do much art lately, and I find my inspiration has gone somewhat.  I know it will return, eventually, it always does.  For now, however, I think it’s time for healing to occur in other ways, though art always has a part to play as a meditative activity.

Arty Nouveau Saturday

It’s not so rainy here, but it’s still grey this morning.  I’ve still not managed a decent length sleep and feel like my eyes are crossing whenever I relax!  Still, I’ve been kind of busy with arty pursuits, and exploring Art Nouveau.  These are my latest explorations…

I love the organic, flowing lines and the stylised forms.  The roses are part of a bigger work, one where I’d tried out coloured pencils as well as watercolours, but I’m really not at all happy with the coloured pencil part!

The black outlines in the top picture are worked using a 0.35mm Rotring technical drawing pen, in the roses a black Sakura ‘Glaze’ pen was used; it’s glossy, raised line makes the image more like stained glass.