Fragment C14, Day 15 #FYIC2022

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Another coddiwomple on a page in my sketchbook today. The aim to fill a sketchbook page with variations of Fragment C14, though I have no idea of what that would look like.

C14 is a curious fragment. Actually, all the fragments so far have been curious ones in different ways. My usual approach to creating variations is to work out what are the essential features of the fragment, then do my best to keep the essence of these present.

For me, the curvy dividing line is what defines this tangle, and so that is what I worked with…mostly.

Some surprising twists and turns along the way, some rather tangled, and fruitless dead ends too. Yet even with them there is something to learn.

Creating shadow and highlight brought the fragments alive and gave the illusion of volume.

These daily arty coddiwomples are adding ideas to the store of patterns, variations and understading in my subconscious storehouse of such treasures. They’re also increasing my confidence in creating variations, which is spilling over into my other drawings.

I have no idea what impact all of this will have on my artistic style, but it can only be a positive one for sure.

Busy morning with art!

I’m absolutely exhausted as I type this. I didn’t have much sleep last night and I’ve been awake since before 4am, mostly drawing. I’m hoping a delivery arrives soon so I can get a couple of hours of sleep before getting back to work. I also hope my blog today makes some kind of sense.

Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge – Dealys by Debbie New CZT

Today is day 12 of this challenge and the tangle pattern fragment is ‘Dealys’ by Debbie New CZT. I have a link to her blog in the side bar.

This is an unfamiliar tangle to me. So it took me a little while to work out how best to create variations. My exhaustion interfered with this, however. Once I’ve slept some, I may return to it.

Here’s the link to today’s YouTube video showing the drawing of this page of variations.

Template Thursday on a Wednesday?

The second image at the top of today’s blog is the customary sneak peek at tomorrow’s coloring template for the Angela Porter’s Coloring Books Fans facebook group.

As I drew this in the wee small hours of this morning, sleep deprived, I think I’ve done a good enough job. It’s a Doodleworlds style illustration, full of whimsy and cuteness. It made me smile as I drew it. Adding colour has improved my perception of the drawing too.

Fragment H16, Day 11 of #FYIC2022

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I’m rather fond of triangular fragments. Though the variations don’t have to remain triangular in shape! As long as the basic format, precept, of the fragment is adhered to: a central point and seed-shapes joining it to the points or sides of the shape.

Fragment B21, Day 10 #FYIC2022 #7F5RChallenge

I seem to say this everyday, but when I saw this fragment I did wonder what I could do with it. A fair amount it seems. Putting it together as a tangle pattern reminds me so much of agate.

I did record a video showing drawing some ideas on the smaller piece of paper, as well as adding shadow/colour to the main sheet.

It is definitely a fragment that deserves more of an exploration for sure.

“Kaas” by Emiko Kaneko CZT for Day 9 of the #FYIC2022 Challenge

Link to today’s short video, just talking about these fragments.

Kaas, by Emiko Kaneko CZT, is not a tangle pattern I’m familiar with. So, first I had to wrangle with it to understand it’s construction. It’s a lovely pattern, but for some reason these kinds of patterns just don’t compute too well in my head.

Eventually, I kind of worked it out, and pencil lines are definitely needed for me to draw it well! So, go me!

At first look, I really wasn’t sure how I could vary this fragment. But as I started making small changes the ‘what would happen if I …’ thoughts started to come.

I like many of these variations, some not quite so much. There’s a fair few I’d like to see arranged in a grid pattern. Perhaps I’ll spend some of this afternoon/evening trying that out.

Fragments of Your Imagination 2022: A look back on week 1 and the start of a new Zentangle inspired drawing.

Click on this link to view today’s YouTube video.

Naida, by Stephanie Jennifer CZT, is today’s fragment for the #FYIC2022 challenge run by #7F5RChallenge facebook group.

This is, like all so far, another lovely fragment to play with, and I quickly filled a page with variations.

In today’s YouTube video, I take a look at this page, along with days 1 to 7, before starting a new Zentangle Inspired drawing using Naida and Dream Dex variations to start the drawing off.

Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge 2022 | Day 7 ‘DreamDex” by Debbie New CZT

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Oh, DreamDex turned out to be a bit of a dream fragment for me. So many variations ended up reminding me of La Tene / Early Celtic / Anglo-Saxon designs, which are probably my most favourite of all.

Again, I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface of the variations that are possible. But it’s a start!

Template Thursday

It’s the first Thursday of 2022, so it’s time for the first coloring page / coloring template of the year for the members of the Angela Porter’s Coloring Books fans facebook group.

It’s a very ‘Entangled’ kind of drawing, rich with pattern and detail. There’s even a touch or two of whimsy. There’s some influence from the realms of Romanesque and Early Celtic art, Medieval illuminated manuscripts and Zentangle patterns and fragments.

I’ve chosen a limited colour palette that is rather muted in it’s tones.

This was drawn on some mixed media paper using a TWSBI Eco fountain pen with waterproof document ink that is fountain pen friendly.

Colour has been added digitally using Clip Studio Paint, along with a creamy linen background paper.

Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge Day 6 – Fragment D23

Click on this link to see today’s video on YouTube.

D23 has turned out to be a rather interesting fragment with some really fun and pleasing avenues to wander down. Yet again, I’ve only scratched the surface of variations of this one. No doubt it’ll be something I’ll return to.

The most important thing I’m learning through this challenge is about the ways to vary tangles, and also which ways will best suit different fragments. And, of course, that will translate to my other arty stuff too.

Fragments of Your Imagination 2022 | Day 5 XAC by Susan Yeo CZT

This was one of those fragments where I thought there wouldn’t be much I could do with. I wasn’t sure if it would transfer to other shapes and so on.

Turns out I need not have worried at all. Admittedly, some shapes and variations work better than others. Also, I’m aware I’ve barely scraped the surface.

This page also gave my TWSBI Eco fine nib fountain pen a work out. Treating Canson Imagine mixed media paper with Distress Ink does make it a bit more absorbent and the pen ink does result in a broader line. Such an effect wasn’t noticeable on the ClaireFontaine Paint On paper coloured with Distress Inks. It’s going to be a bit of trial and error process going on until I get the hang of it!

Here’s today’s video, and early on there’s a sneak peek of tomorrow’s template for the Angela Porter’s Coloring Books Fans facebook group.