Purk, Day 16 of #FYIC2022

Purk is a Zentangle pattern, and today it appears, to begin with, in a leaf shape.

I managed to fill in half my sketchbook page with variations. I’m sure there are other variations to be discovered, but just not yet. My mind is ticking over slowly with ideas today. I’m really brain-foggy at the moment and I don’t know why. Perimenopause, not sleeping well, something else? I dunno. But I’ll return to this fragment later today.

In today’s video I start by taking a look back on the past week of the Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge, #FYIC2022, along with some of my recently completed artworks. Then, I share how I worked on variations of Purk.

Fragment C14, Day 15 #FYIC2022

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Another coddiwomple on a page in my sketchbook today. The aim to fill a sketchbook page with variations of Fragment C14, though I have no idea of what that would look like.

C14 is a curious fragment. Actually, all the fragments so far have been curious ones in different ways. My usual approach to creating variations is to work out what are the essential features of the fragment, then do my best to keep the essence of these present.

For me, the curvy dividing line is what defines this tangle, and so that is what I worked with…mostly.

Some surprising twists and turns along the way, some rather tangled, and fruitless dead ends too. Yet even with them there is something to learn.

Creating shadow and highlight brought the fragments alive and gave the illusion of volume.

These daily arty coddiwomples are adding ideas to the store of patterns, variations and understading in my subconscious storehouse of such treasures. They’re also increasing my confidence in creating variations, which is spilling over into my other drawings.

I have no idea what impact all of this will have on my artistic style, but it can only be a positive one for sure.

Zentangle Fragment C24, Day 14 #FYIC2022. Coddiwomple with me!

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Coddiwomple (v.) – to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination

That word sums up my method for the Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge quite well. I know where I start, I know I want to end up with a page of variations, deviations even, of the original fragment. However, I have no idea what the direction of this journey will take.

Dead ends, weird discoveries, gems and treasure, ideas to ponder about. All with experiences that can be learned from and used in other ways.

So, I’m coddiwompling through each day, enjoying the journey and not invested in exactly what the destination will be. I’m not travelling on a motorway (highway, autobahn etc), but on the interesting country roads where there is so much more to see!

You can join my on today’s coddiwomple if you like, by taking a look at the video on YouTube. In fact, it would be lovely to have you join me!

This particular fragment threw up many surprises as I worked with it, some expected, some unexpected for sure

#FYIC Day 13 Chantara by Debbie New

Another lovely tangle pattern that I’m unfamiliar with – Chantara by Debbie New CZT.

It did take me quite a few attempts to understand this particular fragment and it’s construction. Then things fell into place. I did alter, slightly, the original shape so it was more symmetrical, but that helped me to come up with a few interesting variations.

Here is the link to today’s video on YouTube

Fragment H16, Day 11 of #FYIC2022

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I’m rather fond of triangular fragments. Though the variations don’t have to remain triangular in shape! As long as the basic format, precept, of the fragment is adhered to: a central point and seed-shapes joining it to the points or sides of the shape.

Fragments of Your Imagination 2022: A look back on week 1 and the start of a new Zentangle inspired drawing.

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Naida, by Stephanie Jennifer CZT, is today’s fragment for the #FYIC2022 challenge run by #7F5RChallenge facebook group.

This is, like all so far, another lovely fragment to play with, and I quickly filled a page with variations.

In today’s YouTube video, I take a look at this page, along with days 1 to 7, before starting a new Zentangle Inspired drawing using Naida and Dream Dex variations to start the drawing off.

Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge 2022 | Day 7 ‘DreamDex” by Debbie New CZT

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Oh, DreamDex turned out to be a bit of a dream fragment for me. So many variations ended up reminding me of La Tene / Early Celtic / Anglo-Saxon designs, which are probably my most favourite of all.

Again, I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface of the variations that are possible. But it’s a start!

Fragments of Your Imagination 2022 | Day 5 XAC by Susan Yeo CZT

This was one of those fragments where I thought there wouldn’t be much I could do with. I wasn’t sure if it would transfer to other shapes and so on.

Turns out I need not have worried at all. Admittedly, some shapes and variations work better than others. Also, I’m aware I’ve barely scraped the surface.

This page also gave my TWSBI Eco fine nib fountain pen a work out. Treating Canson Imagine mixed media paper with Distress Ink does make it a bit more absorbent and the pen ink does result in a broader line. Such an effect wasn’t noticeable on the ClaireFontaine Paint On paper coloured with Distress Inks. It’s going to be a bit of trial and error process going on until I get the hang of it!

Here’s today’s video, and early on there’s a sneak peek of tomorrow’s template for the Angela Porter’s Coloring Books Fans facebook group.

Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge | Day 4 – Fragment J13

J13 is a fragment that is so full of possibility that I’ve barely touched the surface! This was fun to do and, no doubt, I’ll be re-visiting this fragment at some point.

Here’s the link to today’s video.

Day 3 of the Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge 2022

I managed to get all the days muddled up in the challenge. That’s not a problem, I’ve been told, just work with a fragment a day, follow the list, ignore the list, all is fine and good!

Today, I chose to do fragment X7, which can be found in the Zentangle Primer book. It’s the circular version that is suggested today. But of course I had to work with other shapes and forms too! So much so I fairly quickly filled a page up.

The second sheet was done in today’s video. I had recorded the process of drawing the first sheet, but forgot to check that I was in frame. I wasn’t for way too much of the time. So, I just recorded a different video, including some other variations of the fragment.

Once you start exploring, you just can’t stop! Or so it seems in my case.

Here’s the link to the 7F5R Challenge facebook group.

Here’s today’s video on YouTube