Current Sketchbook Work | 12 Dec ’21

Today, I focused on getting coloring templates inked in. I’m taking a break now, until tomorrow, and my attention turned to what I could do.

I tried some stuff out, disastrously. So, I thought I’d turn to adding colour and embellishments to this sketchbook drawing.

Not sure how well it’s turning out; it’s deuced difficult for me to capture the golden and white highlights/embellishments on this drawing. But, it is what it is now.

I decided to use Arteza Ever Blend alcohol markers, along with gold and white Sakura Gelly Roll pens for this.

The paper’s not the best for alcohol markers – they bleed just a bit. I’d prefer a more opaque white for the details, and a much finer gold. I have that in hand, possibly.

I’ve been looking at Illuminated manuscripts lately, at the patterns used and how colour was made use off too. That’s what’s inspired me to experiment in the way I have done today, not all that successfully to my mind. This gives me food for thought though, and perhaps pushes me in a different direction for the use of colour.

Colour, the thing I love and that which vexes me most in my arty expression! Still, I do persevere, even if I keep going down a road that leads to a similar dead end. It may be that monochrome-ish work is my forte and I need to accept that.

Another cool-toned mandala

© Angela Porter 2019

I’ve spent another quiet, calm and contented few hours drawing this mandala. Admittedly some of the shapes look a bit weird around the edges. However, it’s all about me learning and embedding new skills when it comes to drawing digital art.

Microsoft Surface Pen, Microsoft Surface Studio and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro were my tools for this one.

Some of the areas have patterns in them that remind me of Celtic, La Tene art, or of illuminated manuscripts such as the Book of Kells. These are art forms I’ve loved for as long as I remember and I think there are times when those patterns bubble up to the surface of my mind and find their way out through the tip of my pen! It’s nice when that happens and it surprises me!