Drawing with colour…

I’ve been taking a little break today from the doodle art I’ve been doing lately, and the above is the result of a couple of pleasant hours this evening.

The image on the left has been drawn with Caran D’Ache Supracolour Soft watercolour pencils and a brush and water has been used to blend the colours.

On the right, I’ve used Derwent’s Inktense pencils, again with water and a brush to blend out the colours.

In each case, no sketch was made before drawing; I used the colours to create the patterns as I went.  So, I’ve been ‘doodling’, but in a different way to usual!

Theta Mandala 1

Theta Mandala 1 © Angela Porter 2013


This is approx. 7″ in diameter.  It’s worked using UniBall Unipin pens, Caran D’Ache watersoluble coloured pencils and tiny amounts of gold paint and ink on heavy cartridge paper.

I’m not entirely sure that it works.  I think I’ll have to step away from it for a while before evaluating it with fresh eyes.

In it’s defence, I must say I lost myself in the creativity of the process and it relaxed and soothed me and has let me practice some ideas.

Theta 1 Coloured

Theta 1 Coloured © Angela Porter 2013

6″ x 8″ (15cm x 20cm).  Sharpie and rotring pens, Caran d’Ache watersoluble pencils with water wash and metallic paints and inks on heavy cartridge paper.

The colouring  has taken most of yesterday and another 3 hours today and it’s now done.

I own the copyright to this image and it may not be used or altered in any way without my written permission.