“Sharpenz” by Ilidica Boyd CZT | Day 23 of the Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge 2022 #FYIC2022

An unusual fragment is Sharpenz by Ildica Boyd CZT. Unusual, but it led to some surprising variations.

Here’s today’s video that goes with this fragment

Fragment “Birthday” by Jessica Davies CZT, #FYIC2022, #7F5RChallenge

A fragment that I’m not familiar with today. It’s called ‘Birthday’ and is by Jessica Davies CZT. It’s a fusion of two other tangle patterns – cuboid and bales. The resutl is a rather interesting fragment.

I enjoyed my morning arty coddiwomple; this fragment took me down some unusual paths. Sometimes the fragment variation that resulted was pleasing, at others not so.

I think I learn far more than the not so pleasing variations (especially the downright ugly ones). Searching these fragments for that glimmer of an idea that can be worked with can be very satisfying, illuminating and lead to new variations.

However, this search often needs to be done after some time has been spent away from the variations. Fresh eyes, rested mind are needed to recognise those glimmers once time has allowed the the ‘what on earth was I thinking’ thoughts and emotions to fade away.

Today’s coddiwomple through variations of this fragment can be seen in the following video:

Fragment C14, Day 15 #FYIC2022

Click on this link to see today’s video on YouTube.

Another coddiwomple on a page in my sketchbook today. The aim to fill a sketchbook page with variations of Fragment C14, though I have no idea of what that would look like.

C14 is a curious fragment. Actually, all the fragments so far have been curious ones in different ways. My usual approach to creating variations is to work out what are the essential features of the fragment, then do my best to keep the essence of these present.

For me, the curvy dividing line is what defines this tangle, and so that is what I worked with…mostly.

Some surprising twists and turns along the way, some rather tangled, and fruitless dead ends too. Yet even with them there is something to learn.

Creating shadow and highlight brought the fragments alive and gave the illusion of volume.

These daily arty coddiwomples are adding ideas to the store of patterns, variations and understading in my subconscious storehouse of such treasures. They’re also increasing my confidence in creating variations, which is spilling over into my other drawings.

I have no idea what impact all of this will have on my artistic style, but it can only be a positive one for sure.

#FYIC Day 13 Chantara by Debbie New

Another lovely tangle pattern that I’m unfamiliar with – Chantara by Debbie New CZT.

It did take me quite a few attempts to understand this particular fragment and it’s construction. Then things fell into place. I did alter, slightly, the original shape so it was more symmetrical, but that helped me to come up with a few interesting variations.

Here is the link to today’s video on YouTube

Busy morning with art!

I’m absolutely exhausted as I type this. I didn’t have much sleep last night and I’ve been awake since before 4am, mostly drawing. I’m hoping a delivery arrives soon so I can get a couple of hours of sleep before getting back to work. I also hope my blog today makes some kind of sense.

Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge – Dealys by Debbie New CZT

Today is day 12 of this challenge and the tangle pattern fragment is ‘Dealys’ by Debbie New CZT. I have a link to her blog in the side bar.

This is an unfamiliar tangle to me. So it took me a little while to work out how best to create variations. My exhaustion interfered with this, however. Once I’ve slept some, I may return to it.

Here’s the link to today’s YouTube video showing the drawing of this page of variations.

Template Thursday on a Wednesday?

The second image at the top of today’s blog is the customary sneak peek at tomorrow’s coloring template for the Angela Porter’s Coloring Books Fans facebook group.

As I drew this in the wee small hours of this morning, sleep deprived, I think I’ve done a good enough job. It’s a Doodleworlds style illustration, full of whimsy and cuteness. It made me smile as I drew it. Adding colour has improved my perception of the drawing too.

Fragment H16, Day 11 of #FYIC2022

Click on this link to see today’s video.

I’m rather fond of triangular fragments. Though the variations don’t have to remain triangular in shape! As long as the basic format, precept, of the fragment is adhered to: a central point and seed-shapes joining it to the points or sides of the shape.

Fragment B21, Day 10 #FYIC2022 #7F5RChallenge

I seem to say this everyday, but when I saw this fragment I did wonder what I could do with it. A fair amount it seems. Putting it together as a tangle pattern reminds me so much of agate.

I did record a video showing drawing some ideas on the smaller piece of paper, as well as adding shadow/colour to the main sheet.

It is definitely a fragment that deserves more of an exploration for sure.