Fragment “Birthday” by Jessica Davies CZT, #FYIC2022, #7F5RChallenge

A fragment that I’m not familiar with today. It’s called ‘Birthday’ and is by Jessica Davies CZT. It’s a fusion of two other tangle patterns – cuboid and bales. The resutl is a rather interesting fragment.

I enjoyed my morning arty coddiwomple; this fragment took me down some unusual paths. Sometimes the fragment variation that resulted was pleasing, at others not so.

I think I learn far more than the not so pleasing variations (especially the downright ugly ones). Searching these fragments for that glimmer of an idea that can be worked with can be very satisfying, illuminating and lead to new variations.

However, this search often needs to be done after some time has been spent away from the variations. Fresh eyes, rested mind are needed to recognise those glimmers once time has allowed the the ‘what on earth was I thinking’ thoughts and emotions to fade away.

Today’s coddiwomple through variations of this fragment can be seen in the following video:

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