Monday mood

©Angela Porter

Another day on lock-down, and I started the day by colouring a Strathmore Bristol Board tile with Distress Inks, then drawing. You can see the result above, sorry for the poor photo.

The random generated tangle pattern for today is ‘BB‘, and it’s the wavy set of blocks across the middle of the design. The rest of the design is made up from some of my favourite patterns and motifs, as well as a few dangle designs.

The overall design doesn’t feel as if it flows. That may be a reflection of my emotional state, which is a mixture of anxiety, fear, being overwhelmed and exhausted.

So, self-care is in order. So that’s doing things that won’t frustrate me, or that won’t having me feel that whatever I do is rubbish.

4 thoughts on “Monday mood

  1. Kimberly Jeffries 30 March 2020 / 15:56

    I like it! If I could I’d color it! And it flows just fine. It’s your anxious, fearful beliefs that make you not see it as it truly is. I get it, though. It’s hard to stay positive in these challenging times.

    I am so glad you share here! It blesses all more than you know!



    • Angela Porter 31 March 2020 / 17:58

      I’m glad you like it. And thanks for understanding that anxiety, fear and being overwhelmed warps my perception of what I create.
      I’m glad you enjoy seeing my art, and I do hope that it helps brighten people’s days, even if just for a moment.
      Do take care of yourself,
      Angela xxx


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