Botanical designs – a sketchbook page

Botanical Designs (c) Angela Porter –

I’m carrying on with creating art for the pure joy of creating art, and today’s sketchbook page is a series of botanical designs.

I used Faber-Castell Pitt Artist pens (F and S) along with some dot grid paper. After scanning them in, I digitally added a watercolour background, though I’ve left the dot grid in place. Also, I’ve not edited out any errors in my drawings, or tidied up where the lines may over-run in places.

In case you’re curious, the only pencil lines I used were for the circular motif in the bottom left design, and to arrange the spray of seed pods in the top left design. Otherwise, it’s pen straight to paper and purely intuitive artwork – I just let the designs flow, even if I get unhappy with what I’m producing, I just carry on and trust my intuition will lead to something I’m happy with.

And I am happy with all of these designs, now I can sit back from them and view them at a bit of a distance.

What am I going to do with them? I don’t know. They may just sit in my digital ‘flower’ sketchbook. Maybe I’ll use them as the start of one of my entangled drawings. Or maybe something else will occur to me. Or maybe you have some suggestions – leave them in a comment!

For now, they’ve served their purpose. I’ve had a nice couple of hours drawing pretty things just for the contentment that drawing brings me.

On another note, I continue to improve from the stomach bug I had earlier in the week. I still tire really easily though and my appetite is still not good. I am, thankfully, recovering slowly and taking the time to rest and recover, and rediscovering that I don’t need to be constantly busy anymore. I don’t know when that need to fill my days with constant busy-ness crept up on me, but it did.

Suddenly, my mind has become full of fluff once again, so it’s time for me to go and do that resting up thing again.

Intricately Yours-Mandalas now on Colorist


I have a new book of coloring templates available on Colorist from Faction Apps.  This one is called Intricately Yours – Mandalas, and the image above is one of the mandalas partly coloured.

I used the flood fill to add base colours to the patterns, and then added shading/highlights with the pencil tool.  The patterns in the bottom were drawn using the gel pen tool.

Updates to Colorist

While test driving one of my templates on the Colorist app, I discovered a new feature, which I love – pre-set color palettes.  I used the Easter palette to colour the above mandala.

I may be an artist, but I do sometimes get overly fussy with my colour choices, so being able to use a pleasing and limited colour palette makes life a bit easy for me!

I also discovered settings that allow you to turn touch colouring off, which is great for me as I use my surface pen, and a setting that keeps you automatically inside the lines, or not.