Template Thursday

Template Thursday – 23 April 2020 ©Angela Porter | Artwyrd.com

Another week in lock-down has gone by. Thursday has arrived again and that means a new coloring template for members of the Angela Porter’s Coloring Book Fans facebook group.

Floral designs, an entangled garden was my fancy this morning and this is the result, not fully coloured though.

Coloring is a great way to find some calm and peace during troubled times, such as the times we find ourselves in. Scientific studies have shown it has a similar effect on the brain as meditation.

I have a number of templates available for free in the facebook group, including this one.

3 thoughts on “Template Thursday

  1. Marie-Céline 23 April 2020 / 16:27

    Possibly my favourite one yet … I would love to colour this 💕🌸🏵🌼


    • Angela Porter 24 April 2020 / 12:01

      I’m glad you like it! The template is available for free over on the facebook group. If you don’t have a printer you could colour it in Autodesk Sketchbook – a good way to explore the different kinds of brushes!


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