Abstract art card design

Abstract Art Card Design ©Angela Porter - Artwyrd.com
Abstract Art Card Design ©Angela Porter – Artwyrd.com

This morning I thought I’d try out a little experiment. Instead of drawing the design first, I used my Chameleon markers to lay down colour shapes and gradients and then add the line art.

I remembered to take a photo of the colour pattern I created, so you can see where I started. I had started adding some line art on it.

After adding the black line art, I then added gold embellishments using a gold gel pen. These are mainly on the background, where I wanted to add some interest.

One thing I’d change if I could do this over is to keep the same pale yellow to pink gradient background instead of the blue section to the middle left. I also meant to use pencils to add some depth of colour to some of the flat-looking areas. It would also have been a good idea to use them to increase the illusion of 3D in some of the patterned regions.

Do you know, I often say that I should’ve added some shadows when I post what I think is a finished piece of art. I need to put a huge post-it note on my Surface Studio to remind me about this!

My final step was to use a piece of foam to sponge some black Distress Ink around the edge to give it a bit of a border. I’m not so sure this was a good idea; the edges are a bit more defined, but they also look a bit dirty and grungy. One lives and learns, eventually.

It certainly was an experiment for me with traditional media. The method I’ve used here is a bit like the method I use when creating digital art. There, I start with a block of colour for the section I’m working on and then add shadow and light and ‘carve’ patterns into it using various methods.

Let me know what you think about this little design.

Oh, it is a little design. The card blank is aprox. 5½” by 4″ (14cm x 10cm)and the design is approx. 3″ by 4¾” ( 8cm x 12cm)

So, Angela, how are you doing today?

I’m doing ok. I had a good night’s sleep and so am feeling more alert and upbeat. I’m still a bit achy in the lower tummy area, but it’s nearly completely gone now.

Yesterday was a self-care day. I didn’t eat much; my appetite had departed me almost entirely. What I did eat made me feel sicky. That’s better today, as in I’ve had breakfast and though I didn’t eat much before I was full, I did eat.

I wasn’t happy with any art, or just about anything else I did; I just got frustrated with it and myself. Instead, I did spend a lot of the day cwtched up warm, crocheting and listening to Audible (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire read by Stephen Fry). Eventually, I settled down to sleep a little earlier than usual.

I’m glad to say that my mood seems a bit brighter and more stable today.

This morning, I’ve been busy ‘art-ing’, and I need to pop out soon. Errands to do and I need a bit of a walk as well. It looks like it’s going to stay dry for a while. That’s always a good thing. The temperature outdoors is more refreshing than it has been of late, which will make walking far more pleasant for me. It will help to blow the cobwebs away. Maybe it will also help with the stiffness/tenderness that those abdominal cramps have left in their wake. I may also find some inspiration for some more creative words in my journal too.

4 thoughts on “Abstract art card design

  1. Marie-Céline 8 August 2019 / 18:46

    Thank you for sharing the process. It’s also.good to hear how you feel about what you have created and what you have learned. It’s good to make art just for the sake of being arty, but that’s only something I’ve found out recently by following people like yourself. I do hope you feel better soon. I’m 2 pages in to one of your colouring books and I’m going to blog about the book very soon.


    • Angela Porter 10 August 2019 / 18:14

      You are most welcome. I like to share how I do things to give people ideas. Reflecting on what you do is also important; it’s how you grow and develop I think. I’m glad you’re enjoying the book! Oh, my tummy troubles are the result of a reactive ovarian cyst misbehaving at the same time my period was due. It’s already settling down! Thanks for the good wishes.


      • Marie-Céline 11 August 2019 / 13:33

        Naughty cyst! Feel better soon 🙂

        I’m learning lots through my art journal and from people like yourself. I appreciate your time, thank you.


      • Angela Porter 11 August 2019 / 16:39

        Thankfully the cyst has done what it needs to do and I am feeling a lot better. A kind of migraine today hasn’t helped mind you, but a long nap along with some Anadin extra has seen that off and I woke with an appetite, which is a bonus given how the cyst takes my appetite from me when it flares up!

        I believe in sharing to help others too. Not just my art, but my journey to recovery from CPTSD. So, you are most welcome :_)

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