Rectangular Zentangle Fragment Explorations

Click on this link to view the accompanying video on YouTube.

This was a nice way to start my day! Exploring fragments and creating fragments is always a fascinating process. I never quite know what will come from my mind onto the paper. Some fragments work out, others don’t. Either way, it is still of value, even if just exercising hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and the creativity ‘muscle’!

I can see some of these fragments working best as individual motifs. Others would work well in a reticulum – the zentangle name for a grid.

I still have quite a few rectangles to fill, so I will post them as a resource when that’s done.

Talking of resources… I now have quite a few sketchbooks and loose pages filled with explorations of fragments. I need to start organising them all so I can refer to them for inspiration. Or do I? I mean, it’s not a huge issue to just sit and do some of these fragments until I find one I’d like to use in a drawing. I worry about forgetting things, not using them or referring to them. Perhaps the value in all of this is to get a memory hoard of shapes and ways of putting patterns together, which can be drawn upon when needed.

Yes, a memory hoard, whether conscious or stored in the subconscious, is so important and trusting that all these things will be there, somewhere, ready to be used in different, unusual and even unique ways.

Fragment Friday – “D5”

In today’s video, I explore fragment D5 from the Zentangle Primer. Some interesting variations appeared, which were more interesting when put into either a regular or a crazy grid (or reticulum).

I decided to use Graphitint pencils to add both shadow and colour to some of the drawings.

Day one of the Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge

This is the first time I’m taking part in this particular month-long challenge. It’s being run by 7Forests5Rivers on facebook. Each day, there’s a different tangle pattern fragment to work with. And, with me being me, that means I’m most likely to create a page of lots of variations on a theme!

A fragment is a small, self-contained pattern-cell that can be repeated to create a grid pattern. The grid is called, in zentangle-speak, a reticulum. Within the reticulum, the fragments can be placed all in the same way, or they can be rotated and/or mirrored to create a pattern.

So, with just one simple fragment – the basic ‘cell’ of a repeating pattern – a whole host of patterns can be created. If the basic cell is changed by simple variations, then even more patterns can be created!

With me being me, I’ve created a page full of variations of the basic fragment for “Well”, which happens to be one of my favourite tangle patterns.

Some of the variations are different shapes for the fragment and ways of spacing and joining them. I couldn’t resist a few of my medieval-style flourishes too.

Inktober Tangles 2021 | Day 6 “Brrst”

Oh, I enjoyed creating this page so much! I absolutely love botanical patterns, but I also have great affection for grid-based, repeating, symmetrical patterns.

Brrst, by Kelly Barone CZT, is one of those grid-based patterns. It’s based on a square ‘fragment’ that is rotated around a central point. The final pattern has so many possibilities for adding shadow and highlight.

I used the original Brrst in a ‘crazy’, assymetrical grid, which was a lot of fun to do.

However, what I loved the most was playing with the basic idea and modifying, exploring the possibilities. The ones I like best are where I’ve added spirals in the ‘tucked under’ circular area.

I think the triangular variations could be interesting to work with, but I’m not at all fussed on the circular ones.

My internal debate is whether I go back to sleep, or whether I work on this week’s coloring template. I’ve been awake since before 4am (it is Wednesday, so my grocery delivery arrives around 5am most weeks!), so it won’t be long before I can’t keep my eyes open.

I do know that this sketchbook page is all I’ll do today for the Inktober Tangles 2021 challenge. I think I’ll be putting aside the official Inktober challenge for now. I find I’m enjoy the Tangle challenge far more. Also, I do need to turn my attention soon to the templates for the Adorable Dogs book for Creative Haven, due out April 2022.