Day one of the Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge

This is the first time I’m taking part in this particular month-long challenge. It’s being run by 7Forests5Rivers on facebook. Each day, there’s a different tangle pattern fragment to work with. And, with me being me, that means I’m most likely to create a page of lots of variations on a theme!

A fragment is a small, self-contained pattern-cell that can be repeated to create a grid pattern. The grid is called, in zentangle-speak, a reticulum. Within the reticulum, the fragments can be placed all in the same way, or they can be rotated and/or mirrored to create a pattern.

So, with just one simple fragment – the basic ‘cell’ of a repeating pattern – a whole host of patterns can be created. If the basic cell is changed by simple variations, then even more patterns can be created!

With me being me, I’ve created a page full of variations of the basic fragment for “Well”, which happens to be one of my favourite tangle patterns.

Some of the variations are different shapes for the fragment and ways of spacing and joining them. I couldn’t resist a few of my medieval-style flourishes too.