Mandala 29 Jan 20

Mandala 29 Jan 2020 © Angela Porter |

A simple, monochrome mandala today, using some of my favourite patterns (plus a couple that are entirely mine).

Drawing mandalas is so soothing, mindful, meditative. The repetitive nature of drawing patterns is part of that relaxing experience.

It was also nice to use some of the patterns from my ‘visual dictionary‘ or ‘visual zibladone’ in some art.

I have some new patterns and motifs to add to my visual dictionary; they spontaneously appeared as I was drawing. I like when this happens, when I don’t over-think things and just go with my instincts.

I wanted to add a colour gradient to the mandala. However, when I tried to do so, it just didn’t feel right. So monochrome it is.

Drawn digitally using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Microsoft Surface Pen and Microsoft Surface Studio.

2 thoughts on “Mandala 29 Jan 20

  1. Kimberly Jeffries 29 January 2020 / 14:59

    It’s beautiful! The green is so cheery and uplifting! I’m glad the gradient didn’t work. Once, again, you made me think about how I must get back to my artwork!
    I’d say have a great day but our time zones are different, maybe good evening is more appropriate 😄!


    • Angela Porter 30 January 2020 / 10:32

      Thank you, I’m glad you like it! Have a wonderful day yourself, when you wake up 😉 x


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