Saturday Morning Mandala

Saturday Morning Mandala © Angela Porter|

Today’s mandala is another white on red one. Drawn digitally using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

I really am enjoying white on darker coloured backgrounds, particularly red at this time for some reason. The white gives a lacy, delicate feel to the design. It also gives the illusion of the white pushing the darkness away in the background, making the red appear to start to glow. I like that metaphor, very much.

I’m aching today. Yesterday I tumbled down the stairs, clonking my elbow, butt and bending my left foot under itself. My foot is very painful and stiff today. I can stand and limp around on it so it’s not broken, just soft tissue damage. That’s the second time in a couple of weeks that I’ve fallen over and hurt my foot; last time, it was my right foot that was hurt. My hands and fingers are also sore from reaching out to try to stop my fall. That hasn’t stopped me doing some art, though. I don’t think I’ll be going out and about today either. I’ll be trying to keep my foot up! Bit of a shame, really, as it’s a lovely, sunny day outside.

I’ve always been such a clumsy person; I can trip over thin air. However, it’s been many, many years since I fell down the stairs. The last time must’ve been nearly 20 years ago. That time I pulled some ligaments behind my knee. That made it difficult for me to climb to the Cerrig Duon stone circle and standing stone on the edge of the Afon Tawe. I also had to cross the river by stepping over the natural, uneven stones in the river channel.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Mandala

  1. Kimberly Jeffries 17 November 2019 / 04:33

    I love this one! And, it does remind me lace!
    I’m sorry for your fall. I hope you heal quickly.

    I haven’t commented lately but I don’t want you to think I haven’t liked your artwork and posts, just got busy with life

    Take care!


    • Angela Porter 17 November 2019 / 08:50

      Good morning Kimberly,

      I’m glad you like this one. Also, I’m not one to expect constant comments or likes – I think my art is good enough. If by sharing it I bring a smile to someone’s face, a bit of calm to frazzled thoughts and emotions, or a warmth to a soul’s heart, then that’s enough for me. I may never know for sure if I do that…but even just brigtening up my tiny corner of the interweb with colour and ‘pretty’ is enough for me!

      Life does get busy for sure! I’m jugging two big projects at the moment as well as other things going on. I’m determined to post art nearly every day – my work as a coloring book artist is fun, but drawing just to please myself is a different thing and it’s good for my emotional health too.

      My foot/ankle is a little less stiff and sore today, as is the rest of me. Thank you for your well wishing,

      Do take care of yourself too,

      Angela x


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