Doodleworlds – now available on!

That’s right, Doodleworlds, the colouring book, is now available on as well as the other Amazon websites, so now all the lovely, wonderful colourists who love my work can join in with the fun of this book!


Doodleworlds Coloring Book

Doodleworlds is now available through

For some reason it’s not quite there at; there are some third party sellers offering the book for purchase at around double the price I’ve set.  I trust the book will be live on in the next day or few.

In a shortwhile, a pdf version of the book is available via Etsy – perfect for colorists who love to print on paper or other substrates that is suitable for their favourite medium.

It contains 40 whimsical, fun, details coloring templates, where the creatures that inhabit the Doodleworlds journey through different landscapes.  It is quintessentially Angela in style, quite intricate, busy, but cute and a little different to my previous books.

Anyone of any age who enjoys colouring in the more detailed designs will love this.  Also, the imaginative and ‘doodly’ nature of the artwork means you can let yourself go and just have fun with colour!

There is a facebook fan group – Angela Porter’s Coloring Book Fans – which you can join and share your coloured work with other colorists who love my work.

Of course, you can also share your work directly with me via my facebook page – Angela Porter Illustrator, or on Instagram where you can tag me as AngelaPorterIllustrator.

I’d love to see how you bring the denizens and realms of the Doodleworlds to life with colour.

Queasy … and Kindles…

Queasiness …

I’m feeling rather queasy, and have for the past couple of days, so I’m taking time off work; proximity to a bathroom is very much required, and I will not gross or bore with the details.

Kindles …

Well, I’ve finally done it.  I’ve bought a Kindle 3G.  I’ve been humming and ahhing about one for a long time.  However, the overwhelming number of books in my home, the need to build up a library of books on hypnotherapy, the ability to store readings/talks/speeches I give to groups of people and carry them in a small, lightweight device which has clear text to see, and no doubt other uses I have not thought of yet for it, has won me over.

I found a seller on eBay with them for just under £100, and with next day delivery the bill came to around £102 – nearly a £50 saving on’s prices!

My only problem will be what books to get first on it … hypnotherapy, novels, other topics of interest, or Rupert Sheldrake’s new book The Science Delusion.  I don’t know, but I suspect hypnotherapy will heavily feature in my purchasing over the coming months.