See Possibility Everywhere – Mixed media


A little different, and I’ve found a way to use those ATC cards I made a couple of weeks ago!

I’m not all that happy with the leaves, especially the ones at the top left.  However, I’ve learned to let a piece of art sit and for me to return to it at a later date and fix what needs fixing if it’s still there when I look at it with fresh eyes.

What I do need to think about doing is to get either canvas boards or some other thicker, stiffer surface to work on as this one bend so much.  I’ve managed to flatten it somewhat.

What it does need is to be mounted on another background as it seems like it is like a big tile that needs something to sit on and to show it off.  Again, I’ll let this idea rattle around the subconscious corners of my brainbox and tackle it at a later date.

What I do like is the iridescent ‘crackle’ texture on the background, a finish I also added to the flowers to tie them into the piece.  I thought the gold circles, rays, spirals and wavy lines had messed utall up, but I actually quite like them now.

Maybe not quite as ‘flowing’ as some of the earlier mixed media pieces I’ve created, but I’ve certainly tried different things out and am learning all the time, as well as exploring new materials or ways of working.

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