This is todays mixed media creation (approx 5.25″ x 11.5″.  I think ‘Flowerpunked’ is a good name for it, or for the series of works like this.

I found a way to lift the flowers up so they have more dimension; wish I’d thought of that when I was adding the cogs., still there’s always the next one!  It’s all a learning process – it never ends!  I also think the stenciled patterns on the background are a bit dark and heavy … and just didn’t quite know what to do about them at the time as I didn’t want to lose the pretty background colours/patterns I’d already created.

2 thoughts on “Flowerpunked

  1. Sharon Davis

    I love this this way it is! I suppose lifting the cogs/gears would give a bit more dimension, but I think they’re interesting as their own layer.


    1. It’s nice to know you like it, thank you. They are, but a little bit of a lift may have done them some good! though it could be interesting to somehow give them the appearance of sitting lower in the background….goodness knows how I’d do that…maybe it’ll come to me as I sleep!


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