Continuing to work on the “Well” Zentangle tile, number 2.

Here’s just the centre panel of the 4″ square zentangle tile I’m drawing.

Close up, you can see all the imperfections, but I wanted to try to capture the wonderfully luxurious, glistening metallic embellishments.

The bigger, paler dots are gold Sakura Gelly Roll. The brighter gold patterns were drawn with a dip pen and Liquitex Acrylic Ink.

I’ve yet to decide what to do with the turquoise borders, or the golden-brown outer border. And then there’s the wider border around all of this.

Today’s Vlog

In today’s vlog, I share some experiments on adding colour after drawing with the acrylic ink. I wanted to do these first so I didn’t mess up the ink!

It turns out that the ink seems to be pretty resilient to water soluble media, chalky pastels and even matt graphite! Even a pale blue alcohol marker didn’t change the hue much.

So many options, so many possibilities!

Draw With Me… “Well” tangle pattern, tile 2.

I managed to film some drawing this morning, putting into practice some of the things I learned from yesterday’s ‘messes’, and some kind of successes.

For this tile, I’m using Arteza Everblend markers to add colour, and a humble black ball point pen to add shadow.

Oh, what a difference the ballpoint pen makes. Graphite always feels a bit ‘grimy’ to me, which is fine. But the lines and cleaner grey that can be achieved by the ballpoint pen… well, they’re different.

Anyhoo, here’s today’s video:

Draw with me … “Well” Zentangle pattern, day 3

My warm up art this morning was to add some pattern to this particular 4″ square tile. I made a couple of booboos, again. Decided to leave them and see what would happen when I added shadow to the design.

I decided to use a brown Micron pen to add pattern to the inner segments, to separate them from the outer edges.

I have to say, I’m not at all sure about this. Perhaps that’s because I know there are booboos in it. It may be because I’ve not added enough shadow, particularly to the brown segments. Or, it could be that I need to do something to help with the confusion of all the borders around the various sections.

I have to think about what to do next.

I did video adding more to this tile, and you can view the video by clicking on this link.