#makeitmonday More UV resin pendants

Angela Porter 6 Aug 2018 Resin

Playing with the UV resin once again and here’s the three latest pendants. I’m possibly finding my way with this stuff, though I do have other things I’d like to try out. For the rest of the day, I need to be drawing, however.

Resin Jewellery 5Aug2018

Angela Porter 5 Aug 2018 Resin

I mentioned a while ago that I’ve been having a lovely time playing with UV resin.

These are some of the results!

Weird things happened in the long, thin bezels when I cured the resin. Strange, alien, geometric patterns appeared in the coloured layer. A surprise, a strange one, but not unpleasant. However, it wasn’t what I was aiming for! It’s not happened since…odd.

The square glass pieces, currently without bails, were the glass ‘cabochons’ or ‘covers’ that came with the square bezels. I thought I’d try adding resin to the back of them, and they’ve worked out quite nicely!

I think I need to learn wire wrapping. I need a course or several to do that though. Or find someone who’d like to work with me where I make the pretties and they do the wire-wrapping.

I have lots more ‘pretties’ in my finished and happy with stash now, including quite a few pairs of little star earrings.

All I need to do now is to figure out what to do with this lot!

I have odd things happening when I use silicon moulds to make resin pendants. When I cure the resin it often bends/warps. I’ve tried thinner layers, thicker layers, and nothing seems to stop it. I supsect the only way forward for me, at this point in time, is to use bezels, and the glass covers if I can get the bails to adhere to them.

I may play around with resin a bit more later today. I had a load more bezels arrive yesterday. Would be a nice, relaxing way to spend some of a quiet Sunday.

Angela’s Adventures with Resin – part 1

Angela Porter Resin 26 July 2018

I’ve spent a couple of hours this morning experimenting with UV resin, and these are the results.

First off, I thought I’d try Yupo paper with various pens – Sharpies, Posca Paint pen and alcohol markers (Chameleon Duotones). You can see the results of these on the top three experiments, left to right.

The Posca pen gives lovely dark lines which I like. The Sharpie is more grey.

For some reason I expected the alcohol markers and Sharpie to bleed with the resin; they didn’t. Neither did the Posca pen.

The flower on the bottom left I drew on Yupo paper with Chameleon pencils. They gave a lovely, soft colour, but all the imperfections were magnified with the resin.

The last experiment, on the bottom middle, was a flower I drew on some paper I’d coloured with Distress Inks. I drew the flower with a UniPin pen. I was pleased that the pen didn’t bleed and the colour of the Distress Ink didn’t seem to bleed into the resin either.  I had to try a layer with some glitter in it (that inner raven of mine just loves glitter and shimmer!), which works nicely, but did obscure the drawing a little. You live and learn, and that’s why I’m experimenting!

One thing that happened with some of the experiments the Yupo or paper warped as the resin cured under the UV lamp. I think that’s because the resin contracts as it cures; it was more noticeable with the smaller pieces of Yupo and the paper .

So, I had fun, learned a bit more about resin, and have more ideas to try out another day.

One thing I did find very useful were some of my colour shaper silicone ‘brushes’ with tapered ends. They are perfect for adding resin to the pieces and helping it to spread out to the edge. I had used toothpicks on the hearts I did the other day, but they were so fiddly and a bit of a pain to use. So, my colour shaper silicone tools are the way to go!

Now, I need to go source some bezels I can use to set little drawings into. I do have some silicone moulds that I can play with too, but not today. Time to turn my attention to other matters I think.