August Mandala 4

I have just finished this.

It’s 18cm x 18cm and I used Unipin pens and coloured pencils on heavy, smooth acid-free cartridge paper.

I assert my rights as creator of this art; it may not be used or altered in any way without written permission from me.

August Mandala 4 © Angela Porter 2013


In creating a mandala we open ourselves to all the possibilities that exist inside and outside of us.

Carl Gustav Jung is credited with introducing the Eastern concept of the mandala to Western thought and believed this symbol represented the total personality, aka the Self. Jung noted that when a mandala image suddenly turned up in dreams or art, it was usually an indication of movement toward a new self-knowledge.

Within everyone’s psyche, to one degree or another, can be found a seed-center of the self surrounded by a chaotic maelstrom of issues, fears, passions and countless other psychological elements. It is the very disordered state of these elements that creates the discord and emotional imbalances from which too many of us suffer on a regular basis.

[From various comments on mandala’s pinned on Pinterest].

For Sharon

For Sharon © Angela Porter 16 Feb 2012

24cm x 17cm (approx 9″ x 6.5″)

Sakura Glaze outline with various metallic pencils, pens and paints to colour on black card.

Done for a friend at work for her office – it’s been long promised!