“Naaki” by Nadine Roller CZT | day 28 #FYIC2022

I enjoyed exploring the leaf shaped fragment based on Naaki. I ended up with two pages as I filled the first one with ideas before I started filming. So there are some repeats. There are quite a few variant fragments I’d like to use in my drawings in the future. Indeed, a couple have found their way into a drawing I was working on as today’s video was uploading and processing.

Talking of today’s video … Here it is!

“Tripoli” Day 27 #FYIC2022

Link to today’s video on YouTube.

This was rather interesting to work with. The slightly askew, uneven ‘Y’ shape that splits the triangle made it so.

Evneutally I found I rather liked to draw a small triangle somewhere inside the larger one and use that to draw the lines from.

The spaces created invite patterns and embellishments.

Applying this idea of how to split the space inside the fragment to different shapes was intriguing and surprising.

“2M + 3F” by Sandy Kelley Jones CZT | Day 25 #FYIC2022

Another lovely zentangle pattern fragment that led to some interesting variations that have only scratched the surface of what is possible.

Today’s video can be found by clicking this link!

“Gamusinos” by Oswaldo Burbanos CZT | Day 24 of #FYIC2022

Every single fragment in this year’s Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge has been lovely, and Gamusinos by Oswaldo Burbanos CZT is no exception. I had a relaxing, enjoyable time coming up with a page of variations for this fragment.

Here’s the link to today’s YouTubeVideo showing the drawing of these fragments.

A Gracious Plenty of Fragments | Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge 2022, day 22

Today, I chose to look at fourteen of the twenty-four extra fragments included in the 7F5RChallenge facebook group’s #FYIC2022 challenge information. The fragment for today – Dewdrop or Gem – really didn’t inspire me, as lovely as they are.

So, instead I looked at many fragments, sticking to the original shape for the variations.

Three pages later … I had a large number of variations, and a start for each of the fragments I took a look at using other shapes or further variations.

A lovely, lovely way to spend a dully, grey, chilly Saturday morning. Well, that’s what the weather is like with me here in the Valleys of South Wales, UK!

Today’s video on Youtube, is a look at these pages and the drawing of a just a few of the fragments.