A Gracious Plenty of Fragments | Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge 2022, day 22

Today, I chose to look at fourteen of the twenty-four extra fragments included in the 7F5RChallenge facebook group’s #FYIC2022 challenge information. The fragment for today – Dewdrop or Gem – really didn’t inspire me, as lovely as they are.

So, instead I looked at many fragments, sticking to the original shape for the variations.

Three pages later … I had a large number of variations, and a start for each of the fragments I took a look at using other shapes or further variations.

A lovely, lovely way to spend a dully, grey, chilly Saturday morning. Well, that’s what the weather is like with me here in the Valleys of South Wales, UK!

Today’s video on Youtube, is a look at these pages and the drawing of a just a few of the fragments.

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