Taiga and Elm Seeds

Click on this link to watch the accompanying video tutorial on YouTube.

I do love seeds! There’s such a huge variety across the globe. Today, I chose some elm seeds to stylise for this drawing.

I also had a hankering to tackle, once again, Tomos Padros’ beautiful Zentangle pattern “Taiga”. It took me two attempts to work out how to do it, but I got there in the end. It is a beautiful woven pattern with so much volume when high contrast shade and light are used.

2 thoughts on “Taiga and Elm Seeds

  1. Kimberly Jeffries 28 September 2022 / 15:08

    I love it!! You truly live and breathe you artwork and I love you for it! It’s not very often or at all that we get to hear and see a creative mind intimately at work! You Go girl! Keep all this lovely work coming our way. You Are much appreciated!!



    • Angela Porter 29 September 2022 / 12:21

      You are so kind with your words, and I thank you for them. I’m so glad you enjoy my artwork. xxx


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