Truth – Part 2

This morning, I finished drawing “Truth”, the beginning of which I showed yesterday both on my blog and as a timelapse video on YouTube.

Today, however, I wanted to just listen to an audiobook as I drew, so there is no chatty or voice over, just music with today’s time lapse video of Truth – Part 2.

It was lovely to lose myself in drawing, and I do mean lose myself. I just let the shapes and lines flow, without too much thought.

Over the past several weeks, I think, I’ve forgotten all about weight of line in my drawings. I’d forgotten about the interest it can add to the overall design, and how it can bring about more structure too. So, I particularly enjoyed adding weight to some lines today.

This drawing is scanned in, ready to be coloured at some point in time. I have a lot of drawings to add colour to!

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