Monogram K

©Angela Porter 2018

This is what I end up doing when I’ve fallen asleep earlier in the evening and end up being alert far later than I’d like to! All thanks to that one small glass of port after my lunch. I very, very rarely drink alcohol, so it always floors me either in terms of needing to sleep or in terms of my mood. At least this time it was the nap, so I’ve still got my calm, content mood intact at the end of this day – the first time I’ve felt this way on a Christmas Day for many, many, many years. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way. Therapy is working! Yay!

Anyways, after I woke, had a huge mug of tea, I picked up a dot grid pad and a 0.4 Sakura Pigma Sensei pen and started to draw variations on the theme of letter ‘k’ as I listened/watched the second part of the Fellowship of the Ring.

I then remembered that I wanted to try something digitally like I did yesterday, so this is the result. I’ve been working on it for over 2 hours (it’s now around 1:30am, so if some words don’t make sense it’s because I’m just about ready for my bed).

I started by sketching out the shape of the letter in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, using a Microsoft Surface Pen on the screen of my Microsoft Surface Studio.

The next step was to finalise the shape and redraw it and colour it in. After this, I added the black lines round the K, then the curvy lines on the outside edges. The final step was to add the patterns and colour in small sections of the outside embellishments. Oh, and I created a thin drop shadow and plonked the monogram on top of a paper texture background.

What I want to do tomorrow is to add a dangle to the design. I started trying to do that this night, but my concentration is now going. I also want to try to add some shading to the patterns within the K too. I think they could do with a bit more illusion of dimension.

Oh, the knitted stegosaurus is now complete. I may photo and show. Not sure if I’ll be doing any more knitted dinosaurs. I much prefer amigurumi! I have started an amigurumi monster, but I need to remember to limit my time spent crocheting as it does make my finger joints ache in a way knitting and drawing don’t.

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