One Enchanted Samhain by Louise Heydon

Chills in the night air are tingling skin

The veil between worlds is now growing thin
Bright spirits gather, the dead return
Drawn to the flickers where candles burn

The past remembered, changes made
Ancestors honoured, tributes paid
Darkness gathers, the full moon is clear
Shining down on this Celtic New Year

Pumpkins glow and ghouls how they scare
Dressed in costumes with bright green hair
Witches and skeletons, goblins and ghosts
Trick or treat children with sweets from their hosts

Old Jack O’Lantern with his creepy grin
Fires for folk with ghost tales to begin
But what do you know of the true Halloween?
For once it was more than just parlour frights seen

Spirits would wander and rather than grieve
Folk honoured the dead on each Samhain eve
Summer had faded, as winter approached
Futures now plotted as Jack Frost encroached

The harvest was ending as the cold times unfurled
But summer just beginning in the dark Underworld
As above, so below, is a wisdom we all learn
And so the cycle of seasons shall forever turn

A time for looking inward, reflection and change
Honouring those spirits, making sense of the strange
So open your mind, part the veil if you dare
Welcome the new, for there’s magic in the air!


This design started with the kind of infinity loop towards the top left.  The loops coming from it eventually were seen as a letter ‘B’ and the word believe seemed to be the right one to put on this.  Everything else grew, quite literally in some cases, from this point.

There are golden stars to wish upon and golden seeds and flowers and growth and sun and rain … and hope.

Approx. 6″ x 8″.  The black lines were worked using Uni-Ball UniPin pens.  Colour was applied using watercolours and gold watercolour paint.  The paper is heavyweight cartridge.

As always, I am the owner of this creation and it may not be used, shared, distributed or altered in any kind of way without permission from me.  Thank you.