Lettering Practice – 29 May 2022

Finishing my work quota for the day deserves a treat, and that involved some hand lettering practice and exploration. So, these two pages from my A4 lettering sketchbook have been worked on over the past couple of evenings.

I still haven’t found a way of lettering that resonates with me, though both of these pages resonate with me more than other lettering work I’ve done. I really want to combine lettering and my love of patterns and abstract design. Working out how to do that in a way that feels right and makes my heart smile, is proving to be a difficult task!

I think, however, that I may be circling in on some ways of achieving this. One style that may bear fruit I stumbled upon several days ago and I blogged about it then (Hand Lettering and Entangled Art). Thoughts and quotes and words in shapes with entangled, zentangle inspired, patterns connecting them and creating a background pattern. I’m still not sure about this particular mode of expression. But I’ll work with it and see where it leads me in time.

Another way of lettering I stumbled upon was in lettering an alphabet in the style of “Hand-lettered capital I”. That was the inspiration for the image on the left above.

Last weekend, I bumbled my way through “Choose to Shine”, and the abstract patterns in the background gave me an idea to try out. Which I did in the right-hand image above.

There’s a fair amount for me to think about with these experiments. I’ve finally found a way to make use of Gelly Roll Moonlight pens – both for drawing patterns in letters, but also as patterns that flow over or behind letters – as in Shine and Because in the right-hand image. I also used the Moonlight pens, along with some Zig Writers and some vintage coloured gel pens in the left-hand image and the “A Curious Pattern” and “Never give up” designs in the right-hand image.

It’s so unusual for me to draw in colour. I usually stick to black ink for drawing, but suddenly I may have found a way for colour to appear in my whimsical and entangled worlds.

At the moment, though, I’m still not at all sure about this. My head hurts (another migraine feels like it’s on the way) and I’m not able to think clearly or write all that coherently, or so it seems to me.

One last thought to share. For both of these pages, the only thing I may have looked back on was my own work. I didn’t look in books or at work online for inspiration, I only used my lettering sketchbook and my love of abstract patterns. Learning not to compare my work to others, trusting myself that what I produce is good enough because it is an expression of myself, is not an easy thing to do. But I’m working on it and here it may have paid off with examples of lettering by me that I kind of like.

2 thoughts on “Lettering Practice – 29 May 2022

  1. Linda Kamholz 29 May 2022 / 17:21

    Hi Angela, I’m loving your embellished letters, especially the ones done in color. Am I correct in saying that some of the intricate patterning was done with Zig writers, Micron or Stabilo colored pens (or their equivalent)? I haven’t experimented with Gellyrolls yet — don’t know how fine a line you can get. I have quite a few Zigs with varying tip configurations that still write after 20+ years of ownership! I, too, love the letter/pattern combo. I’m looking forward to seeing where your explorations go!

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    • Angela Porter 31 May 2022 / 14:14

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad you like the lettering explorations.
      The intricate patterning was done with a couple of Vintage coloured gel pens from Shuttle art (not the best) for the first two letters in lettering and Zig writers for the rest of this word. I used Sakura Moonlight Gelly Roll pens for letters of practice.
      The 06 Gelly roll pens give a fairly fine line, depending on pressure! They’re not waterproof when dry, but do show up nicely on both light and dark papers (or ink, or paint etc).
      I know the feeling with the Zig Writers! I’ve had mine for nearly the same amount of time and not one of them has dried up! I like the toughness of the 0.5mm nibs too – I’m quite heavy handed. I just wish there were some more muted, vintage colours in the set.


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