Flor-In-Square by Anita Hou CZT – A monotangle

Oh, I had a lot of fun drawing this lovely tangle pattern for the first time! It combines both geometric and organic elements most delightfully.

I kept the colour simple and chose not to add any shadow. This one will end up as a greetings card for sure.

There is just something so satisfying in drawing such a geometrical, repetitive pattern. It’s both relaxing but needs focus.

As I was drawing it, I started to see possible variations on this tangle pattern. Those will be shared in the goodness of time!

Until then, here’s today’s video, where I show, step by step, how to draw this monotangle. If you’d be so kind as to click the ‘Watch on YouTube’ button, I’d appreciate it very much. (It helps with the algorithm that shares my videos with others!).

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