“Holly” Zentangle Greeting Card

This morning, I thought it was time I made a start on this year’s batch of cards. You can see the video by following this link.

I know, I know, I’m really late, but … so much else seems to have got in the way this year. Still, I thought I’d share the drawing process of one design today.

I just started with the idea of having a small focal area on the 4″ square ’tile’. I also had decided that holly would be the motif I’d use. The rest was really not thought about, until I started working.

In the video I share not only how to draw the card, but my thoughts and reflections. I start with a plain piece of paper and end up with this design.

This isn’t finished yet. Colour, shadow, highlight, and, perhaps, more gold need to be added to really lift the design. That’s for another arty session.

For now I need to work on the last few templates for ‘Adorable Dogs’ and get them nailed before the weekend is out!

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