“Well” tangle pattern exploration – Day 2

Today, I continue the exploration of “Well”, a tangle pattern deconstructed by Zentangle Inc.

Some of the variations work out well, others not quite so, and a couple I’m just a tad confused about too. I also decided to create a 4″ square Zentangle “tile” using Well as the main pattern. I slipped up on one of the sections and now I have a dilemma – do I try to work with it and make it part of the whole design, or do I re-draw the tile so far.

In the realms of Zentangle, there are no mistakes. Whatever you do you work with. The hyperperfectionist (which is edging closer to just being a perfectionist!) in me is getting rather antsy about that though. Perhaps I’ll just do two tiles!

Anyways, I did record today’s morning warm-up art (which is what the pattern explorations tend to be). Click on this link to view the video in YouTube.

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