Hello October and Inktober!

The first day of a new month, and the first day of Inktober to boot!

This year I’m definitely going to the Inktober Tangle 2021 prompt list of Zentangle patterns. I’m going to try to combine the official Inktober 2021 prompt list with them.

Today, I’ve managed that. ‘Crystals’ is the prompt from the Inktober list. The tangle pattern for today is ‘Lunar Flux’ by Debbie New CZT.

I dug out a piece of paper coloured with Distress Inks from my stash of such paper. It’s a rather grungy kind of green, which appealed to me first thing this morning.

0.1 and 0.3 Unipin pens were used to draw the design. Next, a variety of green and white chalk pastels were used to add colour, shadow and highlight to the design. Finally, embellishments were added with white Sakura Soufflé, yellow/gold Sakura Stardust, and clear Sakura Glaze pens.

There were a number of times through the process where I wondered what on Earth I was doing and was going to give up. The first was when I started to dislike the coloured paper. The next was when I thought the pen work wasn’t looking too good, I didn’t have the space to add a third stem of lunar flux (I like groups of odd numbers). Finally, adding colour with the pastels felt like I was making a bad job worse.

I’m glad I didn’t give up. I’m actually quite pleased with the finished drawing. There’s some volume to the elements, and a sense of layers too. The highlights and shadows really helped to lift the colours and the design.

It’s been a lovely, if a tad frustrating at times, way to spend a couple of hours this morning.

Yesterday evening, I spent some time playing around with the basic idea of Lunar Flux and came up with a sketchbook page full of variations. I’ll show this in tomorrow’s Sketchbook Saturday vlog.

For now, I’m going to get a fresh mug of mocha, and spend sometime drawing, making use of Lunar Flux. I’m still not feeling quite right after my upset tummy Wednesday and yesterday. I had a horrible night’s sleep, with two vivid nightmares that had me wrenching myself awake from them. I have no idea what caused them, but the unease and fear they provoked in me is lingering today, along with a sense of exhaustion too. So, self-care time is very much needed today for sure.

4 thoughts on “Hello October and Inktober!

  1. Debbie New - CZT18 26 October 2021 / 16:21

    By chance I was sorting out stuff today in my WordPress sites and found you’d linked back to one of my pages! We’d been chatting on FB in the group and I’m only too happy to find you/be found on here as well 😆

    Thank you Angela. I hope you are feeling better. Sorry that LunarFlux gave you a hard time 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    • Angela Porter 26 October 2021 / 16:47

      Oh, I’ve been lurking in my little corner of the internet for a while now 🙂 It’s great you found me here and I can link to your blog as well.

      Funnily, I can’t remember that Lunar Flux did give me a hard time! And, I get unwell from time to time, it’s just how it is 🙂 I always improve fairly quickly.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Debbie New - CZT18 2 November 2021 / 01:25

        Oh thank you, and even if you don’t link back or follow, I am still very glad to have met you.

        I recently just got the WP app for my iPad and I realise it is so much easier to read people/blogs I follow, manage comments and basically most other things with the app! (So you might “see” more of me this way! Haha!)


      • Angela Porter 2 November 2021 / 09:04

        I always pleased to see you! I have linked back to you now too. It took me a while to work out how to add another list of websites to my blog.

        Liked by 1 person

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