Red and White Mandala

Red and White Mandala ©Angela Porter |

It has been so lovely to be able to draw this morning. A mandala is a lovely way to warm up my hand-eye coordination and wake up my creativity.

This is an unusual colour combination for me. The bold red contrasts so well with the white line art of the mandala. I think it creates quite a startling design.

I also like the way the beads and teardrops make the mandala seem to shine. I also like the way the fresh, new white is pushing the darkness away to reveal the brighter, vibrant red.

That’s somewhat symbolic for my challenges in life at the moment it seems. My mental and emotional health is good; the contentedness is there. I have some new challenges in life that are engaging my mind in a different kind of focus and concentration. These challenges are, symbolically, to make the world a brighter, more hopeful place.

Yesterday, my day was taken up with meetings and planning. By the time I’d done that I was too exhausted to do any art.

Today, I had a clear plan of what needed to do so I have most of the day to focus on art, starting with this mandala.

I’ll need to get a big mug of tea before I start to ‘art’!

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