Infinity Card – Part 3

I’m really enjoying adding panels to this infinity card. Each panel is a quick project, with no pressure to be perfect or polished. I’m finding them a fun way to explore patterns that develop from one into another, that share common features in some way, or that spark off an idea for another. It’s always a bit of a mystery trip, never knowing what the destination is, only where the journey began.

Today’s journey started in the bottom right with the Zentangle pattern “TagH”. The plumptious, rounded shapes of each part of Tagh, led me to think of circles with flowers inside, like blooming discs or spheres. That led me to Moonberry by Debbie New CZT at the top right. I used some of my favourite leaves and more TagH to fill in the remaining space.

To add volume, I used some red-grey Ohuhu brush markers. Oh, and to draw the design, I used a black Uni Emott everfine pen.

Oh, you may have noticed the notch at the top left. That shows this is also a pocket!

If you’d like to watch this panel being drawn and some sample shading click on this link to watch on YouTube.

One thought on “Infinity Card – Part 3

  1. PATRICIA L PERRIN 16 November 2022 / 16:29

    Hi Angela

    I love these infinity cards – I might have a go at making one! I used to make origami books many years ago, and they were such fun.

    I heard you mention that your Ohuhu markers had a brush and chisel tip, the latter rarely being used. I’ve just bought the Ohuhu 48 pastel markers, which include some useful greys, initially thinking they were brush and chisel tip, but noticed they do a brush and fine bullet tip, so opted for them instead, as I don’t use chisel tips often. They arrived from Amazon yesterday and are really great. Here’s the Amazon description if you want to check them out – Ohuhu Pastel Markers Brush Tip, Alcohol-Based Markers Double Tipped Artist Art Markers for Sketch Adults’ Coloring Illustration, 48 Pastel Colors +1 Alcohol Marker Blender + Marker Case, Brush & Fine (I couldn’t find a way to share the item page, so this is the best I could do…)

    I’m fairly new to alcohol markers having used mostly watercolour brush pens, but I think I’ll be using these markers quite a lot as a base colour for colouring pencils – they seem to give a much smoother finish than the watercolour ones. I’m hooked on drawing mandalas at present and after trying lots of ways to colour them, have settled on coloured pencils as my preferred medium.

    Keep up the good work!




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