Draw With Me … Shattuck and Flurry Tangle Pattern Variations

I always enjoy exploring tangle patterns and motifs. I never quite know what I’m going to end up with. Today, I stumbled upon ‘Flurry’, a tangle pattern by Suzanne McNeill CZT. It reminds me of ‘Shattuck’, which is one of my favourite tangle patterns to use as a border or ribbon filler.

So, I took a look at variations of Shattuck that I often use before having a little exploration of Flurry.

You can see these explorations, which are the top row of drawings, in today’s video on YouTube. Just click on this link.

So, as the video was uploading and processing, Used the time to draw some tripoli-style gridded patterns.

The one to the centre-right was not a happy outcome. The one to the left is much happier! It reminds me of the view through the Millenium Falcon’s windows when jumping to hyperspace, just a bit, not exactly the same. That was a fun realisation.

I didn’t do as many variations of the patterns as usual. I like the triangular shapes of the basic fragments too much.

On another positive note, I finally figured out how I can draw the tripoli style arrangement of triangles! I don’t know how long I’ve struggled with it, but finally, the penny dropped today. Huzzah!

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