Day 3 of the Fragments of Your Imagination Challenge 2022

I managed to get all the days muddled up in the challenge. That’s not a problem, I’ve been told, just work with a fragment a day, follow the list, ignore the list, all is fine and good!

Today, I chose to do fragment X7, which can be found in the Zentangle Primer book. It’s the circular version that is suggested today. But of course I had to work with other shapes and forms too! So much so I fairly quickly filled a page up.

The second sheet was done in today’s video. I had recorded the process of drawing the first sheet, but forgot to check that I was in frame. I wasn’t for way too much of the time. So, I just recorded a different video, including some other variations of the fragment.

Once you start exploring, you just can’t stop! Or so it seems in my case.

Here’s the link to the 7F5R Challenge facebook group.

Here’s today’s video on YouTube

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