Pattern Explorations #1, Day 5.

Some serendipitous ‘accidents’ with fineliners.

I’m almost done with this first page of pattern explorations. I think I have some fussing around and embellishing left to do. However, I will take a fresh look at this page later today.

I thought I’d use Chameleon Fineliners to add some details. And I discovered some interesting effects when applying a waterbrush!

A gold Sakura Pentouch pen was used to add some small areas of dots and metallic accents. Sadly, they either don’t show up in the photo or show up as dark areas. That’s the problem with photographing metallics, especially by someone (me!) who isn’t a very good photographer.

Of course, there’s a video where you can see how I add to this page today. And here it is:

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