Inktober Tangles 2021 | Day 27 “Trelina” by Eni Oken

I came across this tangle a goodly while ago. I tried to draw it, but without much success, like Fengle.

However, watching a video by Zen Linea, as well as having cracked Fengle meant I think I’ve successfully drawing Trelina, with some variations as well.

I realised, soon enough, that I wanted to keep the basic structure of Trelina, but focus on ‘channels’ that could be used to house other patterns. Indeed, the very first Trelina I drew was the one in the top left and I wanted a wider ‘channel’ to put a pattern in.

The bottom right version has a big nod towards Fengle. After all, if I’d not worked out how to draw Fengle, I doubt I would have managed to draw Trelina.

2 thoughts on “Inktober Tangles 2021 | Day 27 “Trelina” by Eni Oken

  1. Debbie New - CZT18 27 October 2021 / 13:53

    Fengle was a tough one for me long ago. Then one day at CZT seminar I watched Rick demo it live and then it just β€œclicked”! Your post brings memories πŸ’™

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    • Angela Porter 28 October 2021 / 21:06

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post, especially the warm memories it invoked within you. Thanks for following my blog – I’ve done the same with yours πŸ™‚ πŸ’œ

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