Strata 02

I had so much fun making an abstract design based on strata yesterday, I thought I’d do another today, this time adding a quote.

I’m not so sure I’ve done a good job on either the typography, the background or the artwork. I may have too much contrast, but also shrinking the size of the image for posting to social media along with the games WordPress plays with colours has affected how it looks here.

No matter, I enjoyed the process of creation, so that’s all that matters. It’s all about experimenting, trying things out.

It was a quick bit of art as I was up early for my weekly organic food delivery, to find it was already delivered. So, after breakfast, I went back to bed.

I have other things that I need to focus on today, so a quick project was in order.


I’m watching the BBC News online … I can’t believe what I’m seeing/hearing.

What makes people think it is perfectly all right to behave in such a manner?  What makes them think it is acceptable to steal, destroy, maim and, eventually, cause death?  When is this ever acceptable?

Every person who is taking part in this knows it is wrong, knows they are breaking the law, ignoring the rules and limits that make living together possible.

I don’t know what kinds of reasons will be given for these riots, not just in London but in Birmingham and Liverpool and Nottingham and Bristol…and anywhere else it occurs.  One political party will blame another, others will blame the lack of opportunity for meaningful employment, others will blame the press of people in a small space, yet others will blame immigration.

Will anyone say that the blame lies firmly at the feet of those who have made the choice to behave in this way.  Yes, it is a CHOICE.  We all have the ability to choose what we do and how we do it in our life, even if we try to see it is not so.

Each and every person involved in these riots know that their actions are WRONG, yet they CHOOSE to ignore that knowledge.  They choose to ignore that the people who they are hurting the most are people just like them who make the choice to behave in a manner that is ethically sound.

What would one of these mob rioters think if someone they loved or cared about had their home, car, workplace stolen/damaged/destroyed?  What they think if a loved one was hurt or killed as a result of the actions of a mob which they are part of?

Where is the care and concern for other people?  Where is the concern for any one other than me, ME, ME?


I can’t believe what I’ve seen on the BBC News.  A young chap injured in the riots, bleeding from his face somewhere.  He’s helped to his feet by one of the rioters who makes moves to help him along his way, then others come along and open the injured chap’s rucksack and take things out and then just walk away.

Whenever is this kind of behaviour right?

Where is the compassionate attitude that characterises a caring society?


Well, … Theresa May: “We can cut police budget without risking violent unrest.” – Guardian, 15 Sept 2010

Camila Batmanghelidjh: Caring costs – but so do riots – Independent 9 Aug 2011.  Interesting article …


“We did it to show the police we can do what we want.”  “We did it to show the rich people we can do what we want.”  “It’s the governments fault, the Conservatives, yeah, I don’t know.”  “Yeah, we hope it happens again tonight.  It’s fun.”

Words from two teenage girls who spent the night throwing bottles, breaking windows, stealing and drinking wine …

Their definition of rich – people who own their own business.

This is the actual video clip –> teenage rioters explain why they did it.  I may not have quoted precisely correctly, but you get the gist.   And I wonder why I want out of teaching?


“Looters beware. We know how to use social media too… ” retweeted by Deadlyknitshade