Releasing Chained Anger

ReleasingChainedAnger©Angela Porter 2012

Approx. 11″ x9″

Acrylic inks, technical drawing pens and a few dots of metallic gold ink…but not too many.

As I’ve been working on this today, I realised that it represents how years and years of anger and frustration have been trapped within me, thanks to my childhood upbringing and later life.  I’m learning about emotions at my more mature age, having suppressed them for so long in order to, basically, survive.

Even though the structure seems very ordered and controlled, that is how it always has been for me.  May the gods forbid that I should show a coarse or ugly display of temper or emotion!

There are cracks there though … and gradually (or not so if the emotional outbursts of the last couple of days are anything to go by) they will be released and healing can properly begin.

It’ll be worth it as I gradually become the person I’m supposed to be, rather than the one that was forced into the wrong sized, shaped and textured hole as a child, young adult, and beyond …