“Doodah” | Day 26 #FYIC2022

DooDah is a tangle pattern I use fairly regularly in my entangled drawings. It has an elegance of simplicity.

Having said that, when I saw it in a fragment form I thought, “What on earth…”. I had very little idea of what would transpire. I felt it’s simplicity of construction would result in limitations. And to an extent, that is true. However, I do think I came up with some variations that were true to the way Doodah is constructed, others are deviations from that to a degree.

Adding shadow helped to bring life to the fragments, and sparked off further ideas. So at the last knockings of today’s video, I had a flurry of ideas to add to this page. These were more like aide memoire rather than polished fragments, or indeed borders. But they’re now noted down for possible future use.

I’m learning with these pattern, or fragment, explorations to expect the unexpected, especially when I think I have no more ideas!

Here’s today’s video: