#FragmentFriday – “Holly” by Linda Dawson

Ah! Fragment variations! One of my favourite things to do just for fun!

Today, I chose the lovely tangle pattern ‘Holly’, by Linda Dawson, as the source of the initial fragment.

My coddiwomple through the variations let to some lovely variations. Some were definitely dead ends, and some just don’t work in a reticulum.

Each dead-end and ‘fail’ teaches something. To persevere. And to accept that playing around with variations means mistakes, yeuchy variations are going to result. This is what sketchbooks are for – to make mistakes, to try things out, to work out what does and what does not work. And more importantly, to help get over the fear of failure, of having a go.

Even the ‘fails’ can lead to fragments that are lovely and unexpected.

Also, it’s nice not to have the pressure to create finished and highly polished artwork. It’s always nice to draw just for the joy of drawing.

Of course, I created a video showing my exploration. You can view it by clicking on this link.

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