Template Thursyay!

Each week during the pandemic, I’ve created a colouring template or (colouring page if you prefer ;-)) for the Angela Porter’s Coloring Book Fans Facebook group members.

This week’s template is an entangled Zentangle meets Doodleworlds mash-up! I had a lot of fun drawing this one. Doodleworlds characters always have me smiling. Mind you, drawing intricate designs always makes me smile too!

03 and 01 Unipin pens on Canson Imagine mixed media paper. Colour added digitally using Clip Studio Paint.

3 thoughts on “Template Thursyay!

  1. tenniskelly 3 February 2022 / 15:29

    Love it! I am new to this group and don’t do Facebook, any other way to get the coloring pages for a non Facebook fan?


    • Angela Porter 3 February 2022 / 15:46

      I’m glad you like the template. I can share it with you via Dropbox or WeTransfer I’m sure.


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