Entangled Botanica 21 May 2023

The need came over me to draw something botanical in nature. So, I picked up an 01 Sakura Micron Pigma pen and a piece of Canson Imagine mixed media paper approx 10cm x 21cm (4″ x 8.25″). I let the ink flow from the pen to form all the various stylised, imaginative botanical motifs.

It has been a lovely few hours drawing this small (in size) and intricate design. I now need to decide how to add shade and colour to it. But there is no rush on this. I’m accumulating a sizeable number of drawings that all need to be coloured either traditionally or digitally. This drawing I really do want to scan in before I start to attack it with traditional media, just in case I seriously mess up.

My favourite medium to use on the Canson Imagine paper is Inktense by Derwent. I love the vibrancy of the colours when they are activated with water. Tomorrow, I should have the new colours in the range delivered. So, I will definitely hold off adding colour until I’ve familiarised myself with them.

For now, it’s on to the next piece of small art, probably with a botanical theme, though who knows what kinds of patterns will fill the space too!

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