Template Thursday, and a Draw With Me video

Template Thursday

This week, I’ve designed another mandala as the coloring page / coloring template for the Angela Porter’s Coloring Book Fans facebook group.

I love mandalas. They’re so soothing to draw and fun to add colour too. Also, I like to fill the page with patterns to enjoy and explore.

Draw With Me Video

I’d really appreciate it if you would click on the ‘Watch on Youtube’ button.

2 thoughts on “Template Thursday, and a Draw With Me video

  1. Kimberly Jeffries 24 February 2022 / 14:57

    I love the new mandala drawing for today!! It’s in a landscape orientation instead of portrait. It has a completely different feel about it. I haven’t seen mandulas done this way too often. It’s probably a bit of a fun spacial challenge for you!

    Have a great day or evening whichever time of day it is for you!!



    • Angela Porter 26 February 2022 / 22:47

      I’m so glad you like it!
      I actually designed the mandala in portrait, but, like all mandala designs, they work just fine and dandy in landscape too 🙂 it does give the design a bit of a different feel.
      Take care, be well and above all else, be creative! xxx


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