Abstract Art WIP

I’ve had some time this morning to do some more to this abstract art piece. I’m still learning about digital art and how it can work for me, but I’m feeling quite pleased with how this is growing, bit by bit.

As I work on it, I’m changing it from the sketch, which is often the case; the sketch is just a suggestion, and outline, a whisper of an idea.

The crisp, clean lines of digital art really appeal to me in this piece, as do the more muted colours.

Plenty more left to do on it, so daily updates will continue.

2 thoughts on “Abstract Art WIP

  1. Kimberly Jeffries 23 June 2020 / 15:11

    It is beautiful. I love the softness of it. Another little bright spot in my morning!


    • Angela Porter 23 June 2020 / 17:01

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad it brings a bit of brightness into your mornings 🙂 xxx


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