Proudly presenting the letter ‘a’

Initial A 19 Feb 2011 © Angela Porter 2011

I finished this earlier this evening.  It’s taken me several hours of work, and I’m quite pleased with it.  The organic swirls that fill the framework of the letter are inspired by La Tene culture art (early Celtic art).  The large ‘sequins’ are custom made by myself.  There’s not so many beads on this as in other examples of my textile work; I found the heavy application of the metallic threads created a lovely shimmery and dense finish that didn’t detract from the letter shape.  I also haven gone to town embellishing around the letter; I got the large custom ‘sequins’ in place and realised that that was about it for the embellishment around the letter as they seem to enhance it not overpower it.  So, all in all, I’m pleased with this for a first-time go at something so structured, so to speak.

I’m also pleased because I think I’ve found a way to create works of art using words and symbols, something that is uniquely me perhaps.  Only time will tell.

Other textile work

It’s now half-term for me – hooray!  I’ve been told by my pal that she wants all my textile jewellery and any textile works I have for sale as the people at the offices where the Princess Royal visited and received a piece of my art on Monday want to buy my art/jewellery!  She said she’ll take over that side of things, and of course I shall make sure she has a commission for doing this!  I now have to decide what to do next – another textile picture or to start on more pieces of jewellery …

Whichever I decide, I know I’ll enjoy doing it and it will help me to de-stress after a very stressful half-term.

De-stressing from the distress…

I had a major stress-out on Wednesday which resulted in me being home on Thursday with a horrible headache and a very upset digestive system.  Not that anything major happened, not at all, but just the constant day to day stresses increasing the level within me … I am now coming down, and I will make sure that this week has me relaxing, meditating, creating as much as possible.

2 thoughts on “Proudly presenting the letter ‘a’

  1. As an ‘A’ myself – double A in fact – I think this is lovely. The inner ‘a’ without the beautiful outer embellishment would also make a plainer motif for say a dress or jacket (always clothes oriented, I’m afraid.) I trust the Princess Royal was appreciative of her gift?


    1. I’m glad you like the ‘a’ Annie, and yes, I’ve thought about adding my kind of art to clothing or bags … but at the moment that is just too big a project for me – I feel overwhelmed when I think about it!

      I gather the Princess Royal was pleased with her gift, though I’ve yet to have feedback about it as my friend, the head of art, was off ill last week after the presentation. I am hoping for some pictures of the presentation to add to my blog and my deviantART account …


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